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Prevent bats and birds from becoming pests

Birds and bats might not be the first thing you think of when you think of pests.  They are usually not a problem, but when they get into your home or business, they become a nuisance that needs to be removed.  Any  infestation can also scare your customers or become a safety hazard.  We have the knowledge and expertise to come and safely remove them for you.

Birds will sometimes nest in places that are not ideal for you.  If birds have made their home in your attic or overhead racks in your store, call us to remove them for you.  We are more than happy to help you maintain your business' reputation for cleanliness and care by removing the infestation for you.

Keep birds from bothering your customers

Bats are very susceptible to rabies, and they can carry other diseases that are harmful to you and your family.  While bats can show up anywhere, they are more likely to infest brick homes.  However, Attics, garages, and storage buildings are also prime sources for infestations.  

If bats are a nuisance on your property, call us.  We have the skills to come in and safely remove them for you.

Are you sick and tired of bats?

We are affiliated with the National Pest Management Association as well as the Iowa Pest Management Association.

Call us for expert service that cares about your needs.


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